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    Finally got the Bigfoot achievement! It's genuinely lessend my view on humanity. The amount of people so upset that you got in a Mantis that they continually plasma pistol you or actually blow it up with you inside is astounding. I normally wouldn't bother with such a stupid achievement but I wasn't going to let it be the only one I was missing as I really love this game and i'm so close to fully completing it.

    343, please leave your remaining achievements for Spartan Ops or at least make any multiplayer ones less annoying. For example, instead of an achievement for getting a specific kind of kill from a specific vehicle only found in one map on the suitable playlist 20 times how about something skill based like, I don't know... get 5 headshot kills in one game on any map on any playlist. That way there's still achievements to get (and I do love getting them) but to get them there's no need to be a dick or vote for the same map each and every time.

    Rant over.
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