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    bloke wrote:
    nickthegun wrote:
    Last nights ep was clearly one show too far for the series. It had been cobbled together of the bits they didnt use for the rest of the programmes. 10 minutes for the news, 10 minutes for the cool wall, 10 minutes for leno...

    The last section was a funny one and probably a perfect, polarised example of Top Gear itself. It was a stunningly filmed, well crafted piece of TV, some of the best you will ever see, sadly furnished with a load of old bullshit.

    100% agree - Sunday's show was mostly filler and by and large depressingly dull. :-(

    They def. need an extended break IMHO.

    OK. I've had enough of people moaning about this. TG is running out of money and it was inevitable this episode would be bullshit. it has nothing to do with extended breaks. just give the moaning a break already.

    the last show last year was just as bad for the same reason. if you think top gear needs a break you should take a break from watching top gear. OK?!

    (but i agree with with you that episode was just a pushover.)
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