#5164663, By deli2000 Top Gear. Exclusive to Dave.

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    JuanKerr wrote:
    deli2000 wrote:
    if you don't like top gear please complain about it on another thread.
    this is FOR top gear not against it. if you dont like it. fine. but please don't annoy everyone else by constantly moaning.

    This isn't expressing an opinion - it's what we call 'being a cunt.'

    people make mistakes. i made a mistake.
    just because i don't agree your opinions or say something like that dosent mean you just call me a cunt and a twat. did i say in that comment that you were a cunt or a twat. No! look i respect your opinions and all that. but i am a person too and you have to respect that. i'm not trying to offend anyone. so i'm sorry!

    (p.s i'm a TG fanboy.)
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