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    boo wrote:
    At least he uses it. It's a crime the way some of these cars seem to be hidden away and do about 20 miles per year, probably while they're being serviced.

    Rowan Atkinson lent his F1 to EVO magazine a while ago, for a feature they were doing. To paraphrase from the editorial column of that issue...

    "We're very fortunate to know people who will lend us their precious cars for features. Often it will come with restrictions - don't go over 6,000rpm, be gentle with the clutch, limit it to xxx mph and so on.
    Rowan Atkinson lent us his F1 and simply said 'It hasn't been out for a while, so feel free to cane it!' "

    Quoted just because I love this post :)

    I've always really liked Rowan, he comes across as a really good bloke and I hope he makes a quick recovery.

    Haven't seen the latest Top Gear yet, we've recorded it though, but after years of defending it I finally got a bit fed up with it this series. Specifically, I'm not interested in most of the cars they've had on (although the GTR was sex on wheels and I am SO getting one, or five, when I win the lottery) and Hammond is just becoming really tiresome.
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