#9347115, By glaeken Top Gear. Exclusive to Dave.

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    spindizzy wrote:
    glaeken wrote:
    I work with a bloke who thinks it's hilarious. He is a cretin though. They have terrible taste through not being discerning at all. They just appear to like everything.
    I think it's occasionally hilarious, and I'm reasonably certain I'm not a cretin. :-P Out of interest, what should we be watching instead?

    Honestly, I think Top Gear has many flaws. I also think that, when there is a really good episode (and there's at least one each series) that it's the best thing on TV by a country mile.

    Edit: I mostly agree with CharlieStCloud above, though I think the studio bits (especially the Cool Wall) have always felt very scripted and awkward. I put up with them for the rest.
    Why do people get so defensive? I was just saying I know a bloke who loves it that happens to be a cretin. That was not in any way intended to say if you like it too you are a cretin.
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