#6531956, By Slipstream Kingdom Hearts PSP

  • Slipstream 9 Sep 2010 22:43:32 265 posts
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    I bought this yesterday, got the nice limited edition box.

    It looks and plays like a dream. I'm really liking the new D-link system, especially since the characters form some susprising D-links with certain characters.
    Also the combat trees and vast array of moves available are impressive. From Combat skills to finishing attacks, to completely changble movesets with their own style and name, the combat is very stylish and as usual aesthetically pleasing.

    The story from the get go has some nice twists and so far hasn't dissapointed me as a long time KH fan, there's alot to answer for so and I've been told this game answers many questions so I'm very eager to see this through.

    Graphically well, it's mighty impressive, especially since you can install for faster loading times and general performance, select 32-bit colour which will improve the graphics but can cause slowdown however, this can be countered if you turn on the option to speed up the CPU which complete irradicates slowdown but drains battery fast.

    Have all performance enhancing features going at once and I'd dare say you've got the most impressive PSP game going to date.
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