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    Not the type of film I'd usually run to see (nor most people here judging by the genres reviewed). In fact the last film of type "drama" I saw at the cinema was "The Last King of Scotland" (also starring James McAvoy) and before that "Billy Elliot".

    Anyhow, this film is brilliant! Not read the Ian McEwan book it's adapted from, but it is amazingly evocative of the time period. So atmospheric - the first half, set in the stifling elegance of an English manor house is erotically claustrophobic. Then when everything goes badly wrong, and the setting moves to WWII London+France it goes all bleak and grey. I wouldn't be surprised if this wins cinematography awards.
    The acting from the whole cast is superb, even Keira who I generally don't like. But the child actors definitely top the adults - particularly Saoirse Ronan as the younger Briony.

    Oh, and you get to see Miss Knightley in a satin undergarment, drenched, clinging tightly to her skin. Twice.
    Which is nice. But she still looks like a harpy when she smiles...

    Anyhow, your GFs/wives will love this one, and you may just get wrapped up in it yourself too.
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