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    Some good points Ahab, but i will say i'm not really moaning about there being only 2 types of books so to speak, more that there's far too much labelling of a slight tweak of 1 type of book as "a new revolution in gameplay" etc.

    Second Life is hardly a game imho but if i was to classify it, then it's an RPG type game - you create an avatar, you collect stuff through whatever mechanic they've implemented, you interact with the locals be they PC's or NPC's. A generalisation for sure but valid i think :)

    Sandbox games can be classed as multtiple-genre games, doing them all decently but the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. Driving, shooting, platforming, RPG elements etc, all wrapped up in a shiny easy-to-use package :)

    Community participation is not new to be fair (mods were coming out for Doom ages ago) but can be classed as revolutionary as it gave the players as much power over the game as the developers. Certainly worth a debate :)
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