#2713173, By tannerd Anyone know what 'qut rema fackyou' means?

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    Bill Door wrote:
    I always think: "What would a proper manager do against Blackburn/Bolton etc" when it comes to countering the pressing game.

    Play the ball around, let the ball do the work and eventually they'll wear their players out by holding the run button down.

    I started a game the other day, and the opponent went a nd picked Barcelona (no surprises there then).

    Unfortunately I was playing as Blackburn, and found myself 3-1 down within 20 minutes. So I did the same as you and thought - "what would Blackburn do in this situation". So I proceeded to kick him off the park, especially Ronnie who I was actually trying to injure (mainly by diving in feet first every time he made a pass - I've noticed that if the ref plays advantage you don't get booked, but you can cause injuries).

    Pulled it back to 3-3 (picking up a few yellow cards along the way), only for him to nab one a couple of minutes from the end.
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