#7368331, By comradetony The official 'How long did it take you to complete Portal' thread

  • comradetony 19 Apr 2011 15:19:09 200 posts
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    Pff, I think I win in the retard stakes. 55 Hours and still not completed it! It's like Steam taunts me.

    Point and click I'm fine with, strategy and grand strategy - I'm good at. Most puzzlers I can hold my own.

    Portal, it just doesn't click with me. I'm not having a pop at the game, I'm fully aware it's me being thick.

    I re tried recently with all the portal 2 stuff going on, and I have got to room 19 I think. ... It's beyond enjoying the game now, I just want rid of it!

    My Bad, it was Room 18!
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