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  • tonynibbles 16 Aug 2010 22:57:36 2,247 posts
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    I think PlayTV is fecking awesome.
    The UI is incredibly fast and slick (nothing compares afaik) and the upscaling is absolutely insane. Pisses on my standard TV freeview, Virgin Box and Sony freeview box.

    I'm sure there are other freeview boxes out there which trump it on features, but at 40 odd quid for what it is, it works brilliantly and is great value.
    Besides, it's 2 years old now, of course there are "better" freeview boxes coming out, they've been developing the new one so we've run dry on updates which is fair enough.

    The new model coming at the end of the year (this was first leaked some time ago now) will give us the HD upgrade we've been waiting for and hopefully those extra features too - can't wait :)
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