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    Ok hivemind, playing Smite the other day got me thinking that the moba style of game could work quite well on a table. Having looked around it seems there are 3 options:

    Guards of Atlantis – Appears to be the “board gamers” choice. Deterministic combat and I like the upgrade mechanic, plus the array of heroes to learn. Movement seems quite key, which is cool. Creeps seem a bit tacked on though, and there’s no jungling etc.

    Rum & Bones Second Tide – The people’s choice. CMON dice chucking, but looks like it has quite a nice moba vibe. Upgradable heroes seem quite distinct and the creeps play a part, plus has attackable objectives and again some nice movement. Looks swish, but the multi direction board is a bit odd and again lacks jungling / shop etc.

    League of Ancient Defenders – Not much to go on. The main thing I can find is people saying the rules completely rip off the original Rum & Bones, plus the developer made some Aliens game that everyone was angry about. Having looked into it though, it does seem to ape mobas the closest. Multiple lanes, creeps, a sort of jungling area and a shop. The turn mechanic looks a bit naff though, movement seems clunky and I think it lacks a character upgrade mechanic.

    So, anyone played these and have an opinion to offer?

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