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  • Nemesis 4 Dec 2018 18:56:21 19,497 posts
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    Well I finally bit the bullet and purchased a 2x4 Kallax unit; stopping at the halfway house for fish and chips complete with cold peas. As you do.

    Christ on a motorbike that box was heavy; however I got a +2 to strength and managed to haul it out the car and up a flight of stairs. I've not built it, it can wait until Friday.

    I'm quite looking forward to sorting out the games finally. They're here and there across a couple of rooms, in cupboards, in wardrobes, sometimes even on shelves.

    In other *other* news, the next LOTR adventure pack dropped this week and, lo, Chaos are out of stock. I'm thinking they never had it in as pre-order was the same. Shocking amount of stuff awaiting re-print. Grego' keeps popping up in LOTR forums. He's probably saying the same thing. *grumbles*
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