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    Weíve had a first crack at Holding On: Thr Life of Billy Kerr. Itís certainly an interesting game - you have limited resources and personnel with which to keep the titular patient going, and are forced to choose between palliative care (during which he gives fragmented glimpses into his life) and medical assistance. It might be that we just suck, but itís not easy balancing the two needs.

    The fact that you (at least at the start of the campaign) canít cure him, at best stabilising him until you run out of time, I find intriguing. To me it reinforces the idea that palliative care is hugely important - he has a lot on his mind, and wants someone to share his life history with. Just treating him as an anonymous patient and focusing only on keeping him breathing isnít going to win the scenario - just delay the inevitable.

    There are some neat aspects to the mechanisms which reinforce the fiction too - like the way the players as a group can only contribute pieces to the puzzle that is his life story in the break room at the end of the dayís work.
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