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    ...plus itís a ton easier to get AH than LOTR at the moment.


    Iíd agree with Gregsí; AH has less phases compared to LOTR and isnít that hard to get into. I would recommend watching the FF tutorial video if youíve never played their stuff before as that really helped.

    AH does a lot with only a few cards; the core box walks you through some neat scenarios and helps you with preset deck lists. Plus as you work through the story you gain XP and can Ďbuyí cards to put in your deck and build up the cards you use. Also, the decks are much smaller so thereís less to manage.

    I realy like it. Iíve taken 3 people through the first adventure and itís been universally loved. Plus there is solo if you canít get anyone join in.

    Iíve just shelled out on the next story Cycle (Dunwich) which will keep me occupied for a long old time. Itís quite the spend, so do shop around as a few quid saved per box soon adds up.

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