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    I assume you mean Agricola?

    If so its pretty good. It sounds a bit odd really - a farming simulation game but it is reasonably fun. I think its somewhat overrated on BGG and prefer games like Puerto Rico and Dominion but its still a good game.

    Essentially you play as a family who own a farm and each turn you pick and action - the number of actions limited by how many family members you have. So you can plant crops or increase the size of your family or maybe even improve your home. However if someone does and action then no one else can do an action that turn - introducing a bit of competitiveness into the game as you and your opponents fight over certain actions.

    Unfortunately this can mean that whoever goes first is in a much better position especially early on as they can increase their family size before anyone else.

    All in all I enjoy agricola but am not over the moon with it. If you're looking for a good Christmas game and dont have Dominion then get Dominion!!!
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