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    I've been following this thread for a while and found it a good starting point for discovering some great games.

    One thing I will say is that you owe it to yourself to browse Board Game Geek forums and files sections for any game you own. There's just so much stuff, from suggestions on how to make Zombies!!! fun, official alternate layouts for Forbidden Island, to rules for playing Memoir 44 with zombies. There are shed-loads of scenarios for Memoir 44 on the official website too.

    But the best thing about BGG is the Print and Play games. There are some excellent games out there that are free, apart from your time and printing resources. Of course there's a lot of crap too, but that's the same with everything. Of those I've tried, these are worth a look:

    Zombies in my Pocket: A clever, quick, solitaire game. Easy to make too.

    Ghoulash: Simple two-player dungeon bash that works like Battleships. Just a couple of black and white play sheets and one-page copy of the rules and away you go.

    Micropul: Abstract game similar to Carcassonne. Print out a couple of pages, slap onto some self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles from the pound shop, and cut up with a decent pair of scissors. The mud/stick/farmer version looks lovely and makes it less abstract.

    Zombie Plague: Very good zombie game that can be played solo. If you've got the figures from Zombies!!! you should try this, if not then take a look at the "lite" travel version with smaller board and counters provided. Original version can be done in black and white, but there are also four beautiful boards and about 70 possible cards (more work and you should only use 30 or so to play).

    Dawn of the Dead: Out of print, licensed game of the film. Not brilliant, but fun nonetheless and can be played solo. If you've got the zombie figures and don't mind writing numbers underneath the base, then you only need the board (four pages) and rules.

    Dead of Night: Similar to Zombie Plague but so much more. Modular design means *lots* of stuff to print and cut, but it's so flexible. Great at simulating a zombie hoard but you can easily run out of minis because you can have four per square - I use male zeds as singletons, females for two, and glowboys for four.
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