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    KingOfSpain wrote:

    My main problem wih it though was that the game took FOREVER. One of the central mechanics of the game is deciding when your character is strong enough to move into the next region. Since we were all new to the game I think we all went a bit over the top and spent too long gaining more strength, objects and spells when we should have moved on hours ago!

    This was true the first time I played it too, but from pretty much the second game onwards two hours is a more realistic time to set aside. It is easy to spend ages faffing around, but once you realise that whoever gets through the Portal/Gate thingy first is basically going to win (bar some very bad luck on dice rolls at the end), most people take risks and race to be the first one through.

    It's definitely more easy going than BSG, but that's what it makes it perfect for those who are a bit more sceptical of board gaming that you're trying to get involved. My girlfriend would certainly have never contemplated playing BSG with us if she hadn't got into boardgaming first with Talisman! It's a good step up, and also a good game to play when everyone is a bit knackered and can't be bothered sitting down for hours. As I say, once you've had one game to get used to the rules its quite straightforward, and games need not be longer than you want them to be (i.e. if you're having fun going around the outside collecting loot, may as well carry on, and if not, race for the win!)

    Edit: and speaking of BSG, we played a three player game of it last night which was more fun than you might expect, though it may have been to do with the amount of drink we'd consumed.. which was probably also responsible for me cocking up the loyalty deck, so by the end it was 2 Cylons v me, the Colonial! I lost, but not by as much as you may have thought - I was on jump number 7!
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