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    For more short game choices, King Of Tokyo is good, light, fun. Lots of dice-rolling, lots of agonising decisions and luck-pushing. Its been in circulation with my regular boardgame crowd for a few months now and still gets pulled out once a week. Each game takes about half an hour.

    Forbidden Island is a good alternative to Pandemic. Its also a game that packs itself away as you play, which is handy!

    If you are feeling flush with cash, then The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac, has proved to be quite a laugh. Not cheap at 45 (including postage) from amazon, but stunningly well-made and an absolute riot as you run through a temple trying to snag as much treasure as possible while a huge boulder bears down on you. It might get old after a few plays, so one to bring out once a month most likely.
    Also the box is a bit big. Really I wouldn't recomend it for a lunchtime work session, I just wanted to give it a mention :)

    By the way, I was thinking of getting A Touch Of Evil for my weekend boardgame sessions. Anyone played it? Things that are important to my crowd are how easy to learn (and clear) are the rules? how long does a 5-player game take? and uhhh, is it any fun?
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