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    Tyggen wrote:
    Err... Gave that flowchart a quick look, it looks far more complicated and difficult to follow than the rules in the book. It wasn't difficult to get started with the game at all, we just picked an easy god for our first game (Yig) and got going. A couple of staggered hours later we ended up losing, but the second game went smooth, and so have each one since. Even with the inclusion of two more expansions.

    I just keep the Universal Head guide nearby as a quick reference - useful for the 'What does a yellow/purple monster mean' and 'I've been driven insane in Yuggoth - what now' questions.
    Once you've played it a couple of times the 'flow' of the game should be ok.

    Mistakes I have made include:
    Forgetting to count gates - too many and the final battle should begin.
    Not adding a token to the doom track when a gate appears during an encounter.
    Thinking I could use a 'hand' for a weapon after failing a spell.
    You have to buy one of the three items if you can afford it (i.e you can't wait in the Curiosity shop hoping for Elder Signs)

    A good tip is to always leave a doom counter on the stack of gates - then you never forget to add it.
    Also roll lots of 6's :)
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