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    Good evening, fine EG Boardgaming Gentlemen!

    My folks are retiring down here soon, and as a present I want to give my dad a boardgame we can both play. I am mainly looking at a strategy game, I think, since we used to play them when I was young - but I'm welcome to try anything.

    Here are some caveats:

    - it can be fairly complex
    - it must support at least 2p (so no GoT 2e) - games which are ONLY 2P are fine though
    - it must be relatively easy to find (so no War Of The Ring, heh)
    - my dad is uber-religious, so if it's too strong in terms of fantasy or sci fi might turn him off
    - same goes for ww2 stuff (so no memoir 44), although strangely I think he might like historical stuff

    Normally I would look for myself over at BGG or fortressat - but I have one final caveat, which is the biggest of them all. My dad has parkinsons. This means that he has trouble manipulating small pieces. Cards are not so bad, but he might have issues with games where you swap cards in and out your hand a lot.

    So, any ideas? I've been eying the mighty Twilight Struggle, but those influence chits look.. small.

    Edit; for reference, he regularly enjoys Citadels and Ingenious with the rest of the family. Ingenious has pieces which are large & shaped well enough for him to manipulate easily. And citadels doesn't require a lot of re-arranging of your hand.

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