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    RichieTenenbaum wrote:
    We played Civ after. No one knew the rules and it dragged a bit. A clear winner from the start. A little dull. Might play it again. Probably won't.
    Got wiped out by flooding. Felt pretty deflated.
    I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "got wiped out by flooding". I've played the game quite a bit, but this phrase means nothing to me... Was it with the expansion?

    Anyway, Civ does have a bit of a learning curve, but it's not that big - I think you'd play much better the second time and be much more engaged.

    I also had some matches when we felt that one player had already won from early on - I'd say about 10%. Those matches suck and I tend to just concede to end them sooner. I imagine that in a few cases I was wrong to concede, because a lot of stuff can happen over the course of a game, but if you lose hope, you're not having fun, so there's no point...

    In the rest of the matches it was usually an amazingly tight race and the winner just barely went ahead in the last turn.

    It is definitely long - I've only played with 2 players and we still take close to 6 hours to finish a game (it's possible we're kind of slow, though). It's my favorite boardgame by far, though, so I play as often as I can :).
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