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    Got back into board gaming after over a decade away by picking up X-Wing Miniatures last year. Played it frequently with my 7 year old and we both loved it. Very easy to just pick up and play. Then I spotted Zombicide a few weeks ago and couldn't help myself. I've played it three times so far, once alone to get the hang of it, once with two players and once with six player. It was a proper hit in all sessions.

    For the six player session I got a few colleagues together and we ended up spending almost 6 hours on one scenario! Everyone had a blast and they are hounding me for more sessions. :) I think we all agreed that it played like a mix of a TV-show and video game. Heavily thematic (Zombies obviously), great minis and some properly awesome see-sawing action with fortunes quickly reversing. Throw in some epic successful dice rolls and (and failures) and all in all it's a great game if you like the theme and can take the "Ameritrash". ;)

    After that I splurged on Arkham Horror and Mice & Mystics as well. M&M is really great for playing with the family. My son can't get enough. Arkham I've played with two players and it really is a great game once you get a hang of the rules. Especially if you like Lovecraft. Next up on the purchase list, Pandemic, Space Cadets and Battlestar Galactica.
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