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    I'm so ruined today. We decided to have a whole day of gaming....so Zombie Dice, Munchkin, Descent and then, winner of the day, Eclipse.


    The time playing Eclipse just flew by, I think we played it for a good 3 hours. Think of it as a 4X game, with hex tiles being placed in a shared central area. Victory points are awarded for owned Hex, tech progress, battles fought and won and so forth. The flow of the game is just superb, the character board in front of you gives you all your tech progress, resource, ship blueprints...on and on it goes.

    I heard no complaints during the game or, worse still, anyone checking their phone (an indication it's not going well). I think we'll give BSG a go, but if you play this sort of stuff on the PC, you'll feel immediately at home.

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