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    fillip wrote:
    After previously having stated that I would limit myself to the few remaining games on my wish list, I picked up Puerto Rico from a charity shop I passed for £2.99. There's a VP counter, a coin and one wooden token missing but otherwise it's in really good condition.


    A quick read of the rules and it seems very much like San Juan or Race for the Galaxy with the role/turn selection. Any love for this one?
    3 quid! 3 quid!!! Fucking amazebargain.

    We play Puerto Rico a lot. It's really, really excellent. Possibly my favourite game... I'm really shit at it though, whereas my girlfriend got it instantly so we basically try copying her, but fail miserably.

    There is very little luck involved in it at all. I think that's why it's so revered. If you lose, it's because someone played better than you and you suck.

    Enjoy! :)
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