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    I really liked Under the Skin but I didn't expect an hour of driving around in a transit van, I thought there'd be a bit more to it. If you come to it having not seen any synopsis you're not going to have a clue what's going on. It's the kind of film I'd probably rate higher in about 6 months time than I would immediately after viewing it.

    and more Seagal

    On Deadly Ground

    Produced by Seagal, directed by Seagal, starring Seagal. Ignoring my instincts I watched this the other week, the choice of 80s/90s action is pretty limited on Amazon Prime.
    Taken as a film made with serious intent, it's shit. Loooked at as a subtle parody of itself and it's quite entertaining. Now, either Seagal is a pompous pretentious buffoon or some sort of borderline genius, maybe all of the above. There's a lot of ridiculousness going and it's that that gives it its charm, I can't believe that it's not intentional. Michael Caine struts around in a camel coat as an evil oil tycoon. A slow-mo bear fight followed by a spirit walk where Seagal struggles to decide between nudie sexy lady or old woman with maracas. Seagal then blows up an oil refinery and ends the film with a sermon on damage to the environment from fossil fuels.
    Giving Seagal the benefit of the doubt - 5/10

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