#11927702, By SuperSoupy Rate the last film you watched out of 100

  • SuperSoupy 25 Jul 2017 10:01:20 64 posts
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    Get Out.

    Not going to shower it with praise simply because it does race stuff, but the way it does race stuff is handled well. Otherwise, lot's of mystery, tension, story, creepiness and some brilliant visual and narrative-driven foreshadowing. All of it driven by some great acting for the whole cast, a nicely laid out music score, and decent camera work.

    By the time the third act comes though, and the movie has shot it's mystery-reveal load, the tension is absent as is any interest. What should be a heart-pumping finale is instead meh and predictable because the film has nothing left to really say. The film has fed you all the meat and the trimmings left till last leave behind leave a bland aftertaste.

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