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    IT (2017)

    IT was not the film I expected it to be. An over-reliance on jump scares diminishes the impact of them after a while (though that's not to say the clown doesn't get a couple of good ones in!). It would have been nice to see Pennywise linger on some of that genuine creepiness instead of straight up jump scares all the time. They happen way too often to the point that it becomes a formula and you can predict it. This was the main issue I had with IT.

    Everything else about IT was fantastic. The set up of the world, the writing, the cinematography, the effects. Special mention for the cast: this is the best ensemble I've seen in a movie in a VERY long time. Everyone, from Pennywise, to the last Loser, even to background adult no'5, play their parts wonderfully. It also helps that no-one is a recognisable face aside from the stranger things kid, who of course is excellent also. This means that when you see them, you see the character, every time. No disconnect with some famous celebrity. Makes you wonder why other films even bother with big ol' Hollywood superstars who only put in half the effort for twice the pay!

    IT doesn't scare as much as it could have, but the intention of the film is to play its strengths elsewhere. And this is does very well: using every other casting and cinematic trick to conjure up the most refreshing horror in years. Who wants to see another 20-year old white girl get chased by a maniac for 90 minutes again anyway?


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