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    Bright 7/10

    It's currently getting a lot of hate on the internet, but to be honest I quite enjoyed it.

    I did honestly found it very hard to get into at the start. I mean, if orcs are poor black gang-bangers and elves are rich white snobs, but they don't act like actual orcs or elves at all... then why can't they just be regular people!? What's the point of the whole fantasy character angle if they barely register as fantasy characters?? That's dumb!

    So, once I decided to leave my brain at the door and try to get used to Will Smith swapping his "woo-ha-ha"s for F-Bombs, I found it more accepting. And once they introduced magic wands as maguffins for the plot, it was much easier to get on board with the story.

    From then on I enjoyed it! Joel Edgerton's Orc cop stole the show, and it all looked very swish.

    A scene at the end really should've been left out (you know the one, it's the one you checked your watch on). But otherwise it set up a world for some potential interesting future stories should they do another one.
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