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    @GuybrushThreepwood re Annihilation. You seem to be completely ignoring the subtext but

    1. The shimmer had already been studied for a long time, people had already gone in why would they bother just stepping in and out. And would you really prefer to watch a version where that's all they do?
    2. Nuking it would be very irresponsible, they have no idea what it is. And again do you want to see the "What the fuck is that?. Don't know. Let's blow it up" edit.
    3. I agree that going directly to the lighthouse by sea would make sense. But it also makes sense to go by land, more research, search and rescue?.
    4. They were volunteers with different areas of expertise. I'm guessing the authorities were beginning to scrape the barrel a bit in finding qualified people that would be willing to go in. I didn't think they were defenseless plus the threat seemed to be more psychological than physical.
    5. Troops had already gone in and failed to come back. Again, that would be a fairly irresponsible move and it would be a completely different film. Plus, is that the version of the film you want to see?.
    6. Yeah, I also noticed the Dr not doing an awful lot, but I thought that made the character more interesting.
    7. not really sure what the problem with that is.
    8. already answered by Simple'
    9. My take on it was that the shimmer was all linked and when the source was destroyed eveything else went with it.
    10. The quarantine seemed pretty tight to me. If you're refering to how did Kane initially escape then I have no idea. He seemed to just appear in the house, that is open to interpretation and imo makes thing's more interesting.

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