#12369180, By JoelStinty Rate the last film you watched out of 100

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    Fun but a missed opportunity. It is one of the weirdest and bonkers film I have seen and it almost works but it is let down by its script and a lack of chemistry between the two leads. I'm not familiar with the source material, but at heart it is a boy meets girl on a space adventure set against a backdrop of the weird and wonderful of space. The lack of chemistry is partially down to the script, it never quite sazzles and being the whole premise of at least valerians motives its noticeable it doesn't deliver. Also the whole Rhianna sequence adds nothing. Its 20 minutes that could have been cut. The script also lets down the film in other areas, But i also kind of like it. Like most of Bessons other films he just dares to do what ever he wants which I can't bemoan. Just when you have Guardians of the Galaxy doing a similar thing it does pale.

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