#2781566, By Zob Rate the last film you watched out of 100

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    Bill Door wrote:
    Zob wrote:
    Watched Beerfest t'other night. 2/10

    It gets a point for the camerawork being in focus.

    Beerfest is easily a 7/10- watched when drunk with some mates. The xenophobic view of foreigners is hilarious (in a laughing at Americans sort of way) and the awesomeness of killing one of the characters off, only to have his identical twin brother take over is genius.

    Oh, its a terrible film, but terrible in exactly the right ways :D

    I've got a pretty extraordinary tolerance to bullshit movies, but I was desperately wanting this film to end an hour into it.

    My friend recommended it after we watched Eurotrip, which is in a similar vein but with actual jokes.

    Watched Fido Last night, good if not original idea but it doesn't quite hold interest for the entirety of the film.
    Still its fun and id forgotten how hot Carrie anne moss is :)


    Enjoyed that film, but I agree with the idea being not quite enough to fill the alotted time. I would have done Carrie Anne Moss, certainly.
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