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    RedPanda wrote:
    I am in my third day of nicotine withdrawal so it is very therapeutic to hate on an easy target like 2012.

    Having said that I find the cynicism of the creators of films like this to be breathtaking if it was their intention to make something "that is basically supposed to be absolutely prepostorous formulaic predictable bilge". That's a pretty poor attitude to take as a creator I would have thought.

    It's not like it's impossible, nor unheard of to make a big entertaining summer blockbuster that actually strings together a coherent plot and is reasonably well made as well as having decent effects.
    Yeah but its also not impossible to ENJOY predictable bilge and some people clearly do. Its like the craze for Lomo photography. People enjoy using their 700 digital cameras to take photos that they then tart up to look like they came out of cheap plastic tat cameras. They like it. Who are you to say what's worthy or not worthy of being created, or what a creator should or shouldn't create based just on your tastes?

    I personally got bored during 2012, but i suspected i would as its a genre i don't get much nourishment from, but i understand that some cinemagoers like it.
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