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    Get Him To The Greek 75%.

    I can't explain it, I can't stand Russel Brand in stand-up (or general media-baiting existence) and think that Jonah Hill is making a career out of being a chozzer... and not much else that Kaye, Vegas and Moyles would be proud of. However, in this their performances are spot-on.

    The problems I have with sections of it are down to screenplay and direction (the weird 'I've broken my arm, but the show must go on' bit being a prime example) rather than the headline actors.

    In a similar vein to Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Brand garnered a genuine 'lol' and (not in a similar vein to '...Marshall') I thought Jonah Hill played his part brilliantly. I'm not sure if it's because it's the first time I've seen a 'larger gentleman' in a film where no-one ever mentions his largeness, but I think not resorting to that made his slapstick stuff work much better. 'My God... why does it have balls!?'

    Also, P Diddy/whatever is f*cking brilliant.


    Edit: Moyles, not Moyes. I daren't leave that un-rectified lest I be awoken by an angry, bug-eyed, Scotch ginger demanding retribution in the early hours.
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