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    Inception - 6/10

    Too linear, dreadful mix on the soundtrack (overpowering the dialogue in places, this also happened in Dark Knight and Batman Begins), nice effects in places but terribly uninventive plot. Also a few elements that were introduced but never explored further (Ariadne is "the best architect ever" and messes with Cobb's head big time when she first starts playing with dream designs but then that skill is left utterly untapped and the rest of the film features very straightforward locations)

    It's not Nolan's worst film (The Prestige) but it's way off the goodness of Memento

    Inception is one of the least 'linear' films i've ever seen, and from what I can tell, the only people who haven't loved it are the ones who can't understand what is going on (though it's really not that difficult).
    All in all, Inception is one of the best films that has been made. And certainly the best of 2010. You cannot give it any lower than 9, especially on such trivial matters as 'the mix on the soundtrack'.
    Adriane's skill as the best architect is used to create these so called 'unimaginative' worlds, because they want it to seem as if those worlds are real, if you're not impressed by reality, then so be it.
    In terms of imagination, the film's concept is flawless, and entirely original. Hence, someone thought it up, from their imagination. I'd give it 10/10 any day.

    Fair enough, I know a lot of other people loved it.

    I just thought it didn't explore the concepts opened up anywhere near enough. The acting was... alright, outside of Cobb there was no character exploration whatsoever and, worst of all, the plot was over-explained far too many times. even the 3-level dream was over-simplified, with the very distinct colour palettes and locations being used to quickly identify the levels at which they were all working.

    I went in expecting a mind fuck in the vein of memento, but instead it was very straight forward, I kept expecting big plottwists that never came. I would have enjoyed it much more if I had watched it with less expectations, but it also didn't help that I really hate action films and it turned out to be that, more than anything else.
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