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    The Shining still remains one of my favourites, a definite 10/10 from me too.

    Anyway, recently I had the misfortune of watching some awful movies. This was partly out of curiousity, and partly out of my girlfriends decisions.

    Alice In Wonderland (the new one) - 3/10 - Pretty damn awful. Even as a kids movie, it's about average. But Depp's performance was truly annoying, and there were few redeemable features to be found.

    Sweet November - 2/10 - I don't know how to express how terrible this was. Keanue Reeves, not the best of actors as i'm sure most of us would agree, plays an unlikeable dick who gets involved with an annoying girl played by Charlize Theron. A shit film where nothing interesting happens, and the typical cliches play out to a chick flick involving one partner who is dying from cancer.

    The Devil Wears Prada - 5/10 - It was ok I suppose. Predictable, but not terrible.

    And some others that have been recently watched/re-watched:

    Tucker and Dale vs Evil - 7/10 - Pretty funny stuff, nice idea to twist around the usual college kids getting picked off by inbred hillbillies, like 'wrong turn'. Decent enough, does what you'd expect, bloody and grusome in an amusing way in places. Not great, but worth a watch when you're in the right mood.

    Also rewatched a few, Eternal Sunshine and Lost In Translation, both still awesome probably 9 or 10's even after several viewings.
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