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    Derblington wrote:
    Flightrisker wrote:
    Just seems a pointless and stupid exercise to release it as a bluray if the quality wasn't there to begin with.

    The last part of the film is shot on 35mm, so it looks better, but as you say, it was shot with an intended look and feel. It has decent audio on the BD too, but I like having the movie in my HD collection - it was one of the first I bought.

    And if it was supposed to look that way then you are not getting less quality so why not watch it on blu-ray if you have it anyway?
    Sure, if the quality isn't there it makes sense to buy it on DVD because it's cheaper, but you already own it, it came with the box set. In short: there's no issue, you own the film and it's not going to look better on any other medium anyway.
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