#7903315, By Freek Rate the last film you watched out of 100

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    Pinky_Floyd wrote:
    Cowboys and aliens

    Oh dear. Harrison Ford is awful, Kurgan puts in an all too brief stint, the story is woeful, the characters irritate and I wanted to punch the little kid in the kidney and shoot the dog.

    Apart from that, I really enjoyed it.

    It's a movie that forgets to have fun. It's cowboys fighting aliens!!! This should be an exuse to have some great action set pieces and play around with western and alien movie tropes but that never pans out.
    And the explanation for what is going on is sooooooo terribly stupid. You can get gold anywhere in the galaxy! Hell, hit up an asteroide and you're in the money, easy! Why even bother with earth and humans?? And you are going to one puny humans house to steal some gold coins when you are mining it on a mega industrial scale?? Fucking really?!
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