#7948365, By Freek Rate the last film you watched out of 100

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    You missed the "best" part of Skyline, the ending is a totally cool Unreal Engine 3 demo...
    yes, really!

    The Ward 5/10

    Another one in the "1950's phyciatric hospital movie genre" , yes that's a genre now. Except this one doesn't add much you haven't seen before, the same clichés are trotted out again.
    Weird stuff starts happening in the ward and surprise surprise, they don't believe the patients who tell everybody about it becuase they are crazy! Stop me if you've heard this before.
    There's some decent scares, I geuse Carpenter still knows how to do that, just lacking in everything else.
    And the "twist" at the end is really really lame because you really could not possbily putt it together from clues in the film (there are non) and it leaves a couple major plot holes. Oh hey here's a totally new main character and we changed the story around a bitt to the point that it doesn't make sense at all.
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