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    captainrentboy wrote:
    Everything I've seen has stated Fright Night was shot in 3D.
    The shame is that 80% was shot at night.(I guess the film's name kind of gives that away) 3D flicks have a washed out picture as it is, all the dark/gloomy scenes didn't really help Fright Night's 3D at all.
    Still enjoyed it though.

    Oh yeah, just did a little reading, aparently it was shot in 3D, just done so poorly it makes the film look like a shoddy conversion. Perhaps an even bigger crime.
    But it diden't hurt the movie, just a wasted opertunity. Hollywood really don't seem to know how to do 3D properly, everybody jumped on the bandwagon after Avatar but nobody stopped to putt as much thought into it as Cameron did.
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