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    Busy with the London Film Festival this week. Haven't seen as many films as I could have due to terrible organisation on my behalf, but the ones so far have been...

    360 - 50/100. Fernando Meirelles drama that tracks multiple stories across the world all linked in some way, mostly by sex or infidelity. Pretty contrived and dull for the most part, although Ben Foster gives a really good performance as a reformed rapist, even though he probably only has about ten minutes on-screen. Hard to tell what the film is trying to say, it's all a bit of a mess.

    Hara-Kiri: Death Of A Samurai - 70/100. Despite the title and director (Miike Takeshi), this is actually a very elegantly made drama with little violence or gore, more about the restrictive, heartless nature of the samurai hierarchy. It's quite slow, but brilliantly acted and shot. Unfortunately it's in 3D, which darkens the cinematography and is just distracting in a more artistic, pensive film like this. A shame, but I'd definitely recommend if it comes out with normal screenings as well as the 3D.

    Coriolanus - 50/100. Credit Ralph Fiennes for trying to bring a difficult play into the modern age, but the unchanged dialogue just doesn't sit comfortably in a Balkans conflict-esque setting and a political system right out of ancient Rome. It feels caught between trying to stay true to the word of the Bard, and doing something braver and more dynamic, in the end doing neither particularly effectively.

    Headhunters - 80/100. Awesome, awesome, awesome. This is a ridiculous amount of fun, ostensibly a thriller but often very, very funny. The protagonist just takes constant humiliating punishment and the plot is totally incomprehensible, but in a fun way. Cannot imagine for the life of me how it worked originally as a novel, but it's hugely good fun as a movie.

    I've got The Artist, Wuthering Heights, Trishna, Rebellion (French film by Matthieu Kassovitz, director of La Haine) and W.E. (yes, the Madonna directorial debut - sure to be an abomination) over the next week or so.

    Anyone else doing the festival this year?

    EDIT: And for the record, Taken is brilliant.
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