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    Hara-Kiri: Death Of A Samurai - 70/100. Despite the title and director (Miike Takeshi), this is actually a very elegantly made drama with little violence or gore, more about the restrictive, heartless nature of the samurai hierarchy. It's quite slow, but brilliantly acted and shot. Unfortunately it's in 3D, which darkens the cinematography and is just distracting in a more artistic, pensive film like this. A shame, but I'd definitely recommend if it comes out with normal screenings as well as the 3D.

    Headhunters - 80/100. Awesome, awesome, awesome. This is a ridiculous amount of fun, ostensibly a thriller but often very, very funny. The protagonist just takes constant humiliating punishment and the plot is totally incomprehensible, but in a fun way. Cannot imagine for the life of me how it worked originally as a novel, but it's hugely good fun as a movie.

    Going to keep my eye on these, thank you.

    Not sure if they've even got UK release dates yet to be honest, although Headhunters has definitely had its cinematic run in Scandinavia, so there may be a subtitled DVD somewhere on the market. Very much worth it if so.
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