#8151055, By Gibroon Rate the last film you watched out of 100

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    PazJohnMitch wrote:
    Gibroon wrote:
    Old Boy

    Korean crazy film(nothing new there). I find it hard to rate this kind of film. It brings up lots of different emotions. Funny, weird, depressing, exciting, tense.

    I'll give it a Eurogamer 8/10
    Were you playing attention during the present scene with the photographs? Lots of people I have spoken to did not get the entire premise of the film.
    Yep, had had a few drinks but like with most subtitled movies, you really have to concentrate fully with reading the text. That's why I was probably so absorbed with it. I'm not going put anything in spoiler tags, I know some people can't help roll over them.

    Go and watch it folks.
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