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    gotyourmoney wrote:
    Last Action Hero - 99%

    McTiernan strikes again. The only thing that stops it getting a full 100% is the fact that the kid talks too much, he's a bit annoying at times. I am almost tempted to knock another point off for some terrible visual effects, but since all the important effects are perfectly fine, I feel I can let that pass.

    The film has tons of great moments. Jack talking about his ex-wife's phone calls, Jack and Danny looking for Benedict in the real world, Jack smashing a car window with his hand in the real world, and the way that when Death escapes from The Seventh Seal he actually becomes the physical embodiment of death in the real world (As in, he has Danny on his list), the way Danny and Arnie say that they'll see each other again but never actually do, Benedict's 'movie mistake,' the crazy film physics in general (Like when the cousin's house explodes and one car does a flip while the other right next to it remains unmoved, or when Whitney kicks a goon in the groin and he does a flip. Lots of flips). And Arnie plays a great version of himself at the Jack Slater 4 premiere.

    Basically, I remember really enjoying this film years ago, but it was better this time around.
    Well said.

    Another thing that Last Action Hero has going for it is that it manages to skillfully blend taking the piss out of a genre, and being a fantastic film of that genre (see also: Galaxy Quest).
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