#8229178, By terminalterror Rate the last film you watched out of 100

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    The Rum Diaries: 6/10 - Enjoyable enough, but nothing special.

    Moneyball: 9/10
    - Kind of like The Social Network, only with statistics and baseball instead of Facebook. Highly recommended.

    Hugo: 9/10 - A fantastically charming film that also happens to be a love letter to early cinema. Definitely worth seeing this one in 3D (it was shot in 3D rather than converted, which really makes a difference). Martin Scorsese really is a master of his craft. This is so good that I hope he switches more often from making adult cinema into making cinema suitable for all ages, this was possibly better than all his previous work, which is high praise indeed.

    However, I can well see how this might also bore you to tears, particularly if you are a small child used to more hyperactive fare.

    Arthur Christmas: 11/10 - Probably not as fine a work as Hugo, but I honestly can't remember the last time I enjoyed a film more. I wasn't that excited by the trailer, but this easily compares with Aardman's finest work, like Wallace and Gromit. Like all the best films, it is absolutely packed with detail, a lot of it you'd hardly even notice, yet has obviously had a lot of care put into it.

    It seems to have been released prematurely early for the Christmas market as it is hardly on and the screen was rather empty, and it is unlikely to displace stuff like Alvin and the Chipmunks 3 and Happy Feet 2 between now and Christmas.
    GO SEE IT!

    50/50: 9/10 - I seem to have been on quite the cinematic roll recently. Another great film, and not an easy one to pull off (essentially a comedy drama about cancer). Joseph Gordon Levitt is sensationally good.
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