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    A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas - 6/10

    If you enjoyed previous Harold and Kumar films (I've only seen the first one, but I did enjoy it) then you should enjoy this one too.

    Nothing special, but it did elicit a few hearty chuckles, particularly the baby on various drugs. Some good self referential jokes too, poking fun at the 3D etc.

    Unless you are a big fan, or have a Cineworld Unlimited card (I'm in the latter category) then I wouldn't go out of my way to see this in 3D at the cinema as the 3D is largely so subtle as to not be noticeable at all (but not in a good way) or occasionally gimmicky and in your face. You'll get pretty much the same experience watching it on DVD etc. in 2D as the 3D humour should still work just fine without the actual 3D.
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