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    Sat through a second viewing of Mission Impossible 1-3, before watching the latest one in cinema:
    Mission Impossible - 8/10
    Mission Impossible 2 - 5/10
    Mission Impossible 3 - 8/10
    Mission Impossible 4 - 7/10
    Latest one has some good moments, but a bit let down by Pegg's inclusion, which was completely unnecessary. Having a bumbling sidekick to cause difficulties just didn't fit with the whole IMF image they had created up until now. Also the Apple product placement was a bit too much. Particularly the scene where they are trying to look around the corner of an office building, so instead of using some secret, top-of-the-range, spy cam, they use a great fucking iPad balanced on the palm of his hand. It looked ridiculous. But, that said, still a fun movie, and worth a watch.


    Black Swan - 9/10 - Excellent. Second viewing, and perhaps enjoyed it even more the second time around.

    Adjustment Bureau - 6.5/10 - Not bad, had no idea what to expect when I started watching.

    Jerry Maquire - 6.5/10 - Again, a second viewing. Cruise in a role where he is pretty much defeated and weak for most of the movie, so quite a nice change. Good rom-com material, with a sports element thrown in.
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