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    There have been a lot of films out recently, yay for Cineworld Unlimited cards!

    War Horse - 8/10

    Filled with Spielberg sentimental schmaltz, but done really very well indeed, particularly all the WWI stuff. Shame that the way the final scene was shot totally killed my immersion, as it was silhouettes against a sunset, but was so obviously shot against a green screen with the most ludicrously over the top orange sunset, particularly when they had the reverse angle and the sky opposite the sun was also a deep deep orangey red. Not only that, but the actors were almost silhouettes with a tiny bit of light so you could see their faces - quite atmospheric except for the fact that the light was coming from the opposite direction to where the sun was. Such a shame to end on a really amateurish note after the rest of the film was so impressively made.

    Margin Call - 10/10

    Sort of a Glengarry Glen Ross only with a fictionalised Lehmen/Bear Stearns kind of investment bank on the eve of an almighty fuck up. Great acting, and a spectacularly good script.

    Highly recommended.

    Shame - 8/10

    Not nearly as sexy as the amount of sex it contains would imply, but a very good portrait of a sex addict. Also, Michael Fassbender has an enormous penis, and you get to see Carey Mulligan naked.

    It was an interesting film, but Steve McQueen has a bit too much of a "look at me, my film is art!" style for my tastes. Still well worth a watch, but you have to be in the mood for a fairly serious film. Unfortunately the idiots behind us in the cinema weren't and kept giggling inappropriately at everything.

    Haywire - 7/10

    Nothing special, just a very stylishly shot action movie that has two principle things going for it: you can really believe that the main character can handle herself (quite rare for female action roles, recent failure being Columbiana), and whilst stylishly shot it also had a very down to earth feel to it, less like incredible stunts and action are being staged in front of a film crew than the stuff actually happening in the world and a fairly competent cameraman is lucky enough to be there to film it.
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