#8358685, By terminalterror Rate the last film you watched out of 100

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    Coriolanus - Shakespeare/10

    This is a hard one to rate out of ten. It essentially transposed the play to the screen in a modern day Balkan civil war sort of setting. In terms of putting the play on the screen, it gets a solid 10/10 as I struggle to imagine how it could have been done better. The fact that there are modern military guys and politicians etc. speaking in Shakespearean prose works as well as it does in Romeo and Juliet, but does it whilst striking a deadly serious tone. It is quite remarkable how well they pulled it off. So the rating really boils down to the play itself, and I'm not going to attempt to rate Shakespeare out of 10.

    Think of it as an alternative to going to see Coriolanus at the RSC, or the National Theatre or something. Well worth seeing if you are up for some Shakespeare, probably not nearly as enjoyable if you aren't.
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