#8413499, By semprini Rate the last film you watched out of 100

  • semprini 11 Feb 2012 14:24:45 3,144 posts
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    Dot The I - 8/10

    Didn't know anything about the story before watching it, which helps. Really enjoyed it - good story with unexpected twists. Decent enough performances from Gael Garcia Bernal and the rest of the cast.

    Overnight Delivery - 2/10

    Absolute shit. Avoid at all costs. It's predictable at every turn, and annoying and ridiculous to boot.

    Funny Games (U.S.) - 7/10

    Pretty good, not for the faint-hearted of course. Disturbing yet interesting and very watchable, refreshingly different from most movies. Has a kind of Clockwork Orange vibe going on.

    The Dark Harbour - 6/10

    A very slow paced film, about a lonely but very likeable fisherman. Some good moments in the first half, but doesn't really go anywhere and quickly starts to fade. Overall a little disappointing.
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